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about dropshipping

Mutualdropshipping.com is the official Dropshipping website of  Mutual Dropshipping Co., Ltd.

MutualDropshipping is a dropshipping supplier offering resellers access to over 20,000  specialty products to sell online. We allow Shopify, WooCommerce, and marketplace merchants to import products to their online store and we ship their orders directly to their customers from our facilities.

Our mission is to build a marketplace that empowers merchants with access to the best  products and enables them to discover emerging brands they can use in growing their online store.

Our Story

Established in the year 2008. Mutual Dropshipping focusing on the dropshipping business. Our main group of customers is Shopify and Woocommerce users, eBay, Amazon, and Lazada, and Shopee sellers who are focused on marketing and leave other things like product sourcing, order processing, and shipping to us. Our products have been distributed to over 60 countries and regions by the thousands, and we still continue to offer that same level of service today. We look forward to cooperating with you and helping your business take off. You can visit our website to get more updated information or contact us directly.

What We Offer

Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management

As a dropship merchant, you don’t need to handle any physical products. We manage and track inventory in our own warehouses located in CHINA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, GERMANY AND PHILIPPINES. When you get an order on your website, we will ship the products directly to your customers.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Choosing how you want your online store to run is absolutely crucial. That’s why we don’t have a minimum order quantity. Our members can import products individually or in bulk. We can also create customized bundles or variety packs to meet our retailers’ needs.

Our Values

  • Empower business owners. We’re committed to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their own online store.
  • Innovate. We’re always developing and improving our platform as well as our product data feeds to provide the best dropshipping experience.
  • Grow emerging brands. We help connect emerging brands with online resellers. By partnering with brands we truly believe in, we make sure our merchants get access to the highest quality products to meet their customers’ needs. This creates a win-win situation by achieving both brands and resellers’ objectives.
  • Listen carefully to our members. Our dedicated customer service team makes sure to address all our members’ needs in a timely manner to help them run a successful business.

Our Community

MutualDropshipping members are online merchants and business owners who dropship products they want to sell on their e-commerce stores. From aspiring entrepreneurs to large-scale retail operations, we treat all of them as valued members of our growing community.

As a MutualDropshipping member and business owner, you don’t need to worry about storing or shipping inventory, giving you more time to focus on your marketing efforts and promote your store.

Our customers drive our business. To that extent, it is our philosophy to treat every customer as if they were our only customer.



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