Buy in China can have its complications

The answer is simple MUTUAL: security, comfort, cost savings and agility to carry out an efficient import without surprises.

Because the barriers when searching, negotiating and importing are greater than in other markets.

Barriers that can make it difficult or even impossible to import or cause us to get any extremely unpleasant surprises if you do not master the market codes

Barriers such as language, culture, way of doing business, market size, distance, among others.

You can search almost anything online but now, contact through these websites is not always simple or effective and much less reliable. Not to mention the selection of products and samples or the negotiations that can be perpetuated, and the almost certain need to control the quality of the order before paying for it.

The same goes with the logistical procedures. They can be a headache. It is necessary to look for the best prices and the companies that can give us the service that best suits the needs of each order, ensure that the documentation is correct, verify if certificates are missing and verify their authenticity, control the shipment until the final delivery , among other.

Are you willing to advance money to a supposed Chinese provider who knows nothing but a nice website?

Are you going to pay the total of the merchandise before receiving it without making any verification?

Will you go to China every time you need to verify an order or visit a factory?

Do you have the necessary time to guarantee that the import will be successful?

Most importers who shop in China answer “no” to these and many other questions. For this reason, most of the importing companies make visits, negotiate in situ and check the merchandise before paying.

In short, importing from China is within your reach but we advise you to act with a level of precaution proportional to the importance of your purchases and not to assume risks that you would not assume in a purchase within your own country. It is a matter of common sense.

In this link you can find more information about how to import from China.