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Mutual Trade Co., Ltd, Its main headquarters is located in Yiwu -China.


MUTUAL TRADE, with more than 10 years of experience, we propose to be your representative office in China. We open a commercial path with the most attractive market and the one with the greatest international projection to do business and invest.

For good ideas to become profitable businesses it is necessary to have specialists in all areas of the project. Importing products from China is no exception: incorporate the comprehensive services offered by MUTUAL TRADE to your team, from negotiation and choice of factories, to translators and transport of merchandise with follow-up.

The companies that have achieved success in China have a common denominator: they found the right partner for their project.

China is a complex society, a millenarian civilization with a culture defined by its history. Coexistence guidelines, action protocols, different negotiation rules can become a barrier if they are not known in depth.

The Chinese legal framework is extremely complex and its domain is one of the main factors in a business being beneficial.

Secure all aspects of the project with your commercial partner in China, from start to finish.

MUTUAL TRADE categorizes the search for products for import as follows:

a) Sports and recreation articlesaccesorios-cocina1-xl-668x400x80xX
b) Suitcases, suitcases and boxes
c) Construction and decoration
d) Consumer electronics
e) Industrial equipment and components
f) Tools and Hardware
g) Light industry and daily use
h) Instruments and meters
i) Toys
j) Lamps and lanterns
k) Furniture
l) Parts and Accessories for cars and motorcycles
m) Electrical and electronic product
n) Textile Product
ñ) Computer Products
o) Clothing and Accessories
p) Security and Protection
q) Office Supplies
r) Transportation
s) Misutery, with Italian designs

Our activities takes place in:

1. Design, product search, quality control of your production and personalization for customers, wholesalers or retailers.Immagine56

2. We provide transportation and logistics services.

3. We take care of preparing all the necessary documentation for the importation of your products.

Our company has professional and qualified staff to work with the international trade, communicate with customers in the following languages:


It is a reliable, active and responsible group, with a lot of experience in the domestic market of manufacturers throughout China.

If you decide to come in China, with a single call or an email, we will confirm and leImmagine2.png we will send the business invitation letter, when you arrive at the airport in China we will receive you with a Mutual assistant.

We can take care of the reservation of your Hotel according to your requirements, always selecting the most convenient for you in every way.Immagine2.png

Depending on the product you need, we will make a work plan and look for the most convenient chains of suppliers and factories, with the best quality and the best price.

Immagine3   MUTUAL TRADE gives you the possibility of having a professional assistant to accompany you to the factories, market and fairs, which will take care of giving you the maximum service.

During our work: we will take photos and notes of all the details of the product you wish to buy.

To the products that you want to order, we will make the list with the details and we will send it to you: Product codes, product names, photos, color, quality reference, quantity per box, unit, volume, sizes, quantity minimum, total amount, total volume, delivery time, price and total amount, among others.

Immagine4We will make purchase contracts protected by Chinese law with the factory on the products they want to buy, so that they have a guarantee in doing business in China..

During the manufacturing process, MUTUAL TRADE will allocate professional people to control the production process, review and examine the quality of the product, report the production situation and the status of the products at all times, to ensure that it can have control of the purchase situation while in your country.

getty-images-contenedoresWhen the manufacturing of the products is finished, MUTUAL TRADE will send professional teams to review the quality of the products rigidly, and we will send you the details and standards in the form of photos and videos, when you confirm the quality and the products.

At the end of loading the container, we will send you the photos of how it was loaded.

Immagine5According to the norms in the export of China, we will deliver the export request to the government and the customs, we will communicate with the government departments for the export procedures.

When the documents are ready and the rules are approved, then we will carry out the charge.

After having sent the products, MUTUAL TRADE will send you all the necessary documents, to cooperate with the dispatch of the products in your customs, and thus conclude your purchase.

Choosing MUTUAL is like having your purchasing office in China.


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