• What does Mutual dropshipping do?
    We are a professional dropshipping agent from China. We could source products and fulfill orders for Shopify or WooCommerce or any other stores , which includes searching for products, performing the quality check, providing free warehousing service, and delivering
    the products to your customers.
  • Why i should work with mutual dropshipping
    1. Excellent 1-on-1 customer service.
    2. Private label service.
    3. Fast shipment.
    4. Reliable after-sales service.
    5. Multiple shipping options.
    6. Free warehousing service in China and USA for the first 30 days.
  • Can I connect my Shopify/ Woocommerce store with Mutual Dropshipping?
    You can follow the steps in our blogs about connecting Shopify/ and Woocommerce stores.
  • Could I use CSV to place my orders with you?
    Yes. You can manually place orders with datasheets, such as CSV or Excel. You can send the file to one of our agents If you have a Shopify or WooCommerce store, you can connect it with our APP which will download orders automatically from your store
  • If I drop ship on Amazon/ eBay, can your company fulfill it?
    You can follow the steps in our blogs about connecting Amazon and Ebay https://mutualdropshipping.com/connect-amazon/
  • What if I have further questions?
    Please contact us by facebook https://www.facebook.com/DropshippingMutual or by email (info@mutualdropshipping.com) to get 1-on-1 help from a specific customer manager. Here All our Link  https://allmylinks.com/mutualdropshipping
  • Will Mutual dropshipping share my information?
    No. We keep your personal/ store/ product/ order information confidential and only use it for registration, order processing, payment and shipment.
  • What's the MOQ (minimum order quantity) you require?
    It depends on the products. Many products don't have any MOQ limit, and some may require a certain MOQ depending on the factory we are dealing with. You can send us the products to check
  • What's the benefit of using Mutual dropshipping service?
    You can check the video below will answer all of the comone questions
  • How long do you need to process my orders?
    Whenever we receive your orders:
    If you don 't have stock in our warehouse, we need at least 3 days to source the products before we send out the products from our warehouse to your customers. If you have stock in our warehouse, we can send out the product in one day.
  • How does Mutual dropshipping charge for the dropshipping service?
    We only charge you the total product price and the shipping cost of each order. Mutual dropshipping gets USD 0.99$ Handling fee for each order we ship, APP, quality control and warehousing service are all free of charge.
  • Will you put any invoices/receipts/marketing materials in the package?
    No, we won't. Please be sure we have been doing this for several years so rest assure your package will deliver only with your product or any insert you ask us to add
  • Can you help me find products before I place an order?
    Yes. Please send product links to one of our teams. We source products maximum 3 links and our team is super busy all year. We can't keep sourcing, otherwise you can test the product from Aliexpress and once you have ready orders to send out we can quote you.
  • Can you recommend your winning/ hot selling products?
    We have our daily winning products at Facebook and Instagram pages
    https://www.facebook.com/DropshippingMutual Or you could ask one of our agents to send you our weekly winning product list
  • How do you choose suppliers?
    Once we receive your sourcing requests, we'll source the products from our partner suppliers. We have our factory list which contains more than 2000 factories in all categories for dropshipping business. We choose the most suitable supplier based on the product price,
    supplier scores and the distance between the supplier and our warehouses
  • Where can I see your products?
    https://www.mutualdropship.com/product/list All products that you see in our website or social media platforms are owned by factories we are just sourcing and recommend these products as winning or hot selling products from the data we know and work with
  • Can I get some samples of the products that I want to sell?
    Yes. very easy Please follow two simple steps
    Step 1, please send the product link to one of our agents with message sample request
    Step 2, wait for the quotation in 48 hours. If you are satisfied with the price please confirm and send us the payment. We will buy the sample and ship it for your address “ please be sure your address is full and no missing information.
  • How is the quality control done for the products?
    Very strict inspection from our QC team will inspect the products to make sure the products are good before we warehouse the products. If we find the products are not good, we'll return them to the manufacturer or even switch to a new manufacturer. We also check the
    product and package before shipment to make sure that everything we send is in perfect condition. It's highly recommended that you buy samples to check the quality of the products before you place bulk orders. If you need to get the product inspection report we can send you directly to your email.
  • How long does it take to source a product?
    2 working days.we will check with factories for all details like When we find the exact product, we need to negotiate with the manufacturers for a good price for you.
  • Do you take quality photos or videos to use for ads? Can you take product pictures?
    Yes, sure. We have a professional photography team that can take product photos or videos.
    The price depends on the difficulty and quality of photography or the videos please follow the following steps. Step1. Send us the product link and how many variants you need to be photographed, and how many photos/ videos are required for each variant.
    Step2. We recommend that you send us your favorite product advertisement image/ video for reference by the photography team. Step3. We will send your specific requirements for product photography to the photography team and get a quotation.
    Step4. If you are satisfied with the price, you can place an order, send the payment out and Within 1 weeks after you place an order, you will receive the photos/ videos of the product
    The product photography pricing depends on the amount of the products and variants and the difficulty of photography
    If require to use model or live style photos and videos the price will be different
    The price include the product sample cost model fee and photo or video process fee  
  • Do you have cashback if I recharge Balance or pay in advance to your Account?
    Yes, we do if you pay in advance we will give you 1% discount from the total payment you paid in advance the minimum is 500 USD. You can pay in the following Method of payments direct to our accounts attached all the payments you can use with us
    Mainly we accept
    Wise if you don't have account here how you can have register new wise account
    https://bit.ly/3ucovjh Payoneer if you don't have account here how you can have register new payoneer account
    Stripe you can also pay for us with your credit card. The commission for this payment method will
    be 3.9% + 0.3 for the total payment.
    paypal we don't accept now as the charges is super high so its very limited and if accept the rates
    and paypal commission will be covered from your side 4.4%
    Refer to your agent to send you our payments links and bank accounts.
  • How many orders can your warehouse handle everyday?
    We can process up to 50k orders everyday through our all china and international warehouses
  • How many warehouses do you have?
    We have 20+ warehouses 2 in china and others in different countries check the map below
  • Do you keep stock for your clients?
    Yes, we can. Actually most of the customers ask us to stock up for them to make the fulfillment faster. You pay us to purchase the products for you, and we will keep your products in our warehouse as stock. Keeping stock is free of charge for the first 30 days only in China and USA warehouses and then we charge you per CBM “cubic meter space for your products in our warehouse please contact your agent for more details
  • What's the price of processing my orders in your warehouse?
    As long as you buy from us, almost all our warehouse services are free of charge. Only when you have private branding or customization packages, will we charge additional service fees
  • What is the delivery time?
    The delivery time depends on the shipping method and destination country. For example, delivering parcels to the USA takes 8 -12 days at the peak time and season there might be some delay.
    You can see estimated shipping time at our quotation For the fast guarantee shipping line less than 10 days please contact our agents
  • Which is the best shipping method?
    There isn’t a best shipping way. It depends on the country you ship to and what product you ship. For example, the best shipping way to the USA is different from the best shipping way to Canada as we use different shipping lines To ship regular products is different to ship special goods products we also need to use different shipping lines
  • To which country you ship ?
    We ship to most countries,T5 countries “ USA-UK-Canada-Aus-NZ” and all Europe countries as well we ship to some south american countries like brazil chile , GCC countries “gulf countries and most of Asia. For other countries we don't have the service now we will announce it when we do.
  • if packages are damaged or lost during the shipping what you offer?
    We will resend the product free of charge or refund as per your request. But we don't resend or refund when the parcel is not delivered or lost due to the wrong address or phone number given in the orders or the fact that the local post office fails to contact the recipient.
  • Do you provide tracking numbers in advance?
    Yes, we can provide tracking numbers before shipping out if you request this
  • Which shipping companies do you work with?
    In Mutual dropshipping we are partners with 20+ as well shipping companies here are our partners
  • When do you upload the tracking numbers?
    Once we ship out the orders from our warehouse, our APP will upload the tracking numbers to your Shopify store. You could check them after we ship in your Shopify
  • What is your refund and return policy?
    Please click the link below to read our full return and refund policy https://mutualdropshipping.com/refund-policy/
  • If I bought some stock in the Mutual Dropshipping warehouse but I couldn't sell it or I didn't want it anymore, can I get a refund on the inventory?
    In most cases, we are not able to refund you, because we already paid the factory the full amount for the inventory, and the factory usually is not willing to accept the return of the products without reasonable reason such as defects or wrong sizes or colors . We can only refund you when the factory accepts the return, but that rarely happens. Sometimes, the factory accepts the return based on the discounted prices, so we will refund accordingly based on the same discounts
  • How to do private labels with Mutual dropshipping ?
    Step1: send us the product to be branded and how you'd like to do the branding, like packaging, inserts, a stick or label on the product/ packaging, print on the product/ packaging, etc. Step2: Send us the logo as an ai or psd document. Step3: Let us know the size and what materials you want to use to make inserts/ stick/ label/ packaging etc. Step4: We'll check with the factory to find out the price, MOQ, lead time, etc. Notes:
    1.The MOQ of customized packaging boxes is probably around 500-1000.
    2.The MOQ of private label products would be higher, you can contact your customer manager for more details.
    3.The MOQ for a private label product is very high . And we will charge an extra private label service fee. If you do not have a large number of daily orders, we don’t advice you customize your own brand products, so as to avoid the loss caused by over stock
  • Do you provide private labeling?
    Yes, we handle everything for your private labeling, including customized product packaging, inserts, product logo, etc...
  • Can you do branding and customized packages?
    Yes, we can. But there's also MOQ required to do branding and customized packages, and also we will charge extra customization service fee. Please contact your client manager for more details.