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>>Product information:

Material: Stainless steel, zinc alloy
>>Product Features:
1.Multi-functional: Fruit and vegetable peeler and shredder. Does the kitchen peeler have shredding and peeling functions? It uses 2 cutters, which can meet most of your needs in life. It is most suitable for potatoes, pears, apples, tomatoes, vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, etc. With this peeler, fruits or vegetables can be peeled quickly and easily. One kind of cutter for peeling vegetables, another kind of high-quality kitchen utensil peeler for cutting long strips.
2.High-quality: High-quality carbon steel sheet metal is better than stainless steel, and the alloy body ensures rust resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, dishwasher safety, and easy storage. Use it gently and take off quickly and safely. And it is very easy to clean. Shake it in the water when it is clogged, and then clean it.
3.Ergonomic design: Just rotate the handle to switch the shred and peel functions. The streamlined design makes the peeling action smooth, and the left and right hands will not feel uncomfortable, which is also good for arthritic hands. Labor-saving tool.
4.Good grip and slip resistance: When your hand or peeler gets wet, the handle is slip resistant. The Y-shaped peeler holder can stably control the peeler, so that the cutter is evenly stressed and the item’s skin is removed correctly, which is very suitable for left and right hands.
5.Save time: When peeling, the wide and sharp rotating cutter can keep the minimum resistance, which is completely suitable for the skin of fruits or vegetables, and it will not get the peel clogged, thus saving time and labor.
>>Package includes: 1*Peeler