Intelligent Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Spray Gel Foam Three Forms Induction Hand Washing Device With Charging Cable




Product name: automatic induction sprayer

Product weight: 200g

Product size: 18*10*7.8

Product material: ABS&PET

Battery type: Lithium battery

Working temperature: 5-45 degrees

Starting method: infrared induction


– Suitable for bathroom, kitchen and other environment.

-The body uses a frosted design to facilitate you to check the amount of liquid inside.

-Infrared sensor design, can automatically sense and produce gel/spray/foam

-As long as you put your hand under your mouth, a gel/spray/foam will be generated.

-High efficiency motor with low noise can provide you with a comfortable environment for use.

-Built-in battery, reusable with USB charging, convenient for daily use.

Package Included:


1*User manual

1*charging cable