Mini Electric Vibration Eye Massager Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Dark Circle Pen Removal Rejuvenation Beauty Care Portable Pen



Material: ABS + electronic components, etc.
Product size: 12.8 * 2.3 * 2.3cm
Product features: fashionable
Power: 1 AA battery (not included)
Instructions for use:
Install the battery correctly according to the positive and negative poles before use
Turn on: rotate the pointer to ON
OFF: Rotate the pointer to OFF
Installing and removing the battery: Turn the pointer to OPEN, and then gently remove the bottom cover.
  • Ergonomic technology fits the skin better.
  • Using vibration, the essence is broken into particles that are easily absorbed by the human body. At the same time, a special channel is established between the epidermal layer and the dermal layer to make the essence reach the SMAS layer.
  • Simple and stylish, compact body, easy to carry on business trips, provide care for the eyes and lips at any time.
  • Promote blood circulation to dilute melanin precipitation and lighten dark circles under the eyes.
  • Not only can it reduce the dark circles, help the skin absorb the skincare products, but also reduce the wrinkles on the lips
Packing list:
1 X Massager