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✻I will add a little ink to the stamp. You can only use it a few times. If you want more ink, you need to buy ink.

✻You must give us a name so that we can make a seal for you! You can’t do it yourself! !

✻   If you don’t give me a name within 2 days, we will enter the recipient’s last name.

✻   After receiving the seal, press a few times on the paper, and then press it on the clothes after seeing it clearly (the first press will be blurred because of bumps in the road, just press it a few more times.)

✻Suitable for sealing cotton/modal fabric garments ,

books , school bags , stationery , water cup , shoe , lunch box , toys…

✻ Printed clothes should be kept for 24 hours and washable. .

How to buy?

How to buy?
Ⅰ、Choose the【code】 of font
Ⅱ、Choose the【code】 of pattern
Ⅲ、Before paying remark【pattern code+name】directly or leave us a message
※Must remark【Pattern code+name】before paying
※Must remark【Pattern code+name】before paying
※Must remark【Pattern code+name】before paying

How to choose the template?

①I like this font very much,so choose the font code【Font 1

②I like that pattern very much,so choose the pattern code【 D51

③Remark the code 【Font 1+D51+your name】 before paying , or leave us a message.