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Quality management

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We are your commercial ally in China.

Inspecting the quality of the merchandise before embarking in China to its destination is essential if we want to avoid surprises.

MUTUAL TRADE ensures that all the parameters demanded by the client are met and all the work done is documented.

– Pre-shipment inspection: One of our technicians will inspect the merchandise prior to loading, strictly following the customer’s instructions.

– Management of the inspection: In case of detecting any incident, the client will be informed immediately to avoid sending merchandise in poor condition. We would also contact the provider to clarify the situation and solve the problem.

– Photo report: We photograph in detail the most important parts of the product sample, previously indicated by the client. The photographs are published that same day on our intranet for consultation.

– Complete report of the inspection: With all the data we make a report in writing so that the client has proof of the work done and can consult this information whenever he needs it.


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